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PRE-FINity Finished Flooring

Infinity prefinished flooring product represents the latest technology in wood coatings maintaining a three millimeter dry film thickness enhancing high performance levels in wear resilience durability. This six coat process is meticulously applied using precision equipment providing consistency in material thickness as opposed to onsite job finishes applied by hand. Each layer is secured using ultraviolet light curing technology that maintains adhesion assurance under the most extreme climate changes.Infinity’s application of finish is done in successive coats in ideal and controlled conditions. The result of this process is a product that resists wear so well that Infinity confidently gives it a long-term guarantee.We also offer floor installation services through our network of installers. Call us for details and a local contractor in your area to install your new PRE-FINity floors

PRE-FINity Finished Flooring Options

3 ¼” Red Oak SELECT Natural/Satin

3 ¼” Red Oak NATURAL Natural/Satin

3 ¼” Red Oak NATURAL Gunstock/Satin

3 ¼” Birch NATURAL Natural/Satin

3 ¼” Birch "Bourbon" Natural/Satin

3 ¼” Birch "Wheat" Natural/Satin

3 ¼” Hard Maple NATURAL Natural/Satin


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