Customer Testimonials

Just got the floors installed and they are awesome!  Great quality product! Thank you!

Bill Pricener

Pittsburgh, PA

Thanks for the pre-finished hardwood flooring!  Looks spectacular and is extremely durable.

Greg Thomas

Hardscapes Sales, Missoula, MT

We were very pleased with the milling and grading you provided us. Your shipment came professionally bundled and at the scheduled time. Your milling was so precise that we only had to make a single pass with 50grit on our belt sanders to enable our final disc sanding and screening. We will plan to use Infinity Wood Floors on all future gym/sport floors that don’t require MFMA stamping. Thanks again Pat and all your staff for helping Grizzly Hardwood with another successful project!

Jamie Emmons

Grizzly Hardwoods, Missoula, MT

I talked to Randy about that wood, the bleacher board material you milled; he said that is the tightest mill job ever. We’re not even going to put a sander on it, all we are going to do is buff it. Whoever you had running the machine when that was made, gets the Gold Star Award of the Day, because that is some of the nicest milling we’ve ever seen. Just thought I’d let you know.

Dan Nordstrom

Prostar Surfaces, Mequon, WI

I just got off the phone with our job foreman who installed Lumen Christi. He said this was the best flooring Infinity has ever shipped us. They normally start sanding the floor with a 36 grit paper, but they are going to skip that sanding and go right to 60 grit. Great job!

Hal Koller

Prostar Surfaces, Mequon, WI

I was very impressed with the oak flooring we received.  The milling of the boards was done to perfection.  The final project turned out awesome! 

I will definitely be working with Infinity Floors on future house building projects.  Thank you Pat!


Tom Schwanke

Pine Ridge Building, Land O Lakes, WI

It was a pleasure dealing with you and your company. You understood the urgency of completing a project on time. You went above and beyond in your prompt production and turn around for my customer. It’s certainly an attainment of you and your company.

Steve Husmann

Arched Casings & Architectural Woodwork, Inc.

I just want to take the time to tell you how amazing the floors look. Next time you are in the Twin Cities you really need to stop by and see how amazing they look with everything in place. EVERYONE that sees them says…”WOW!!!” The detail, the fluctuation in colors, grain, detail, etc.   It really is an amazing product.

Rebecca Illingworth

Tinto, Minneapolis, MN

Pat, not sure if [Quinten] shared this with you, but one of the installers from the gym company that we sold that 7,000 sf gym floor to a couple of months ago came in. He said that was the nicest milled gym floor he had ever put down. Said he would like to see Infinity on every job they do, would make his job a lot easier. Thanks for all you are doing to improve our program.

John Fullmer

Birch Creek Millwork, Terreton, ID

Pat, the Hickory we ran last week that came from Infinity was very good. Good milling, grade and flatness. The bevel seemed to work well for us on the finish line.

Kevin Listle

Robbins Inc. White Lake, WI

Good morning Pat. Just had a gentleman come in to the showroom to tell me he loved your 2 ¼” Red Oak so much he will not buy it from anywhere else again.

Doug Fontaine

Floors Northwest, Minneapolis, MN

Our company is expanding into a larger space and we plan to stock more flooring than we previously have. We are exploring some new mill options for sourcing and I’ve heard of your company and known of the quality for quite some time.


Rhodes Hardwood, Minneapolis, MN