Unfinished Wood Flooring

Unfinished solid hardwood flooring – the way flooring has always been made, with the best and most trusted brand – Infinity Wood Flooring. Whether you’re searching for Maple, Hickory, Oak, or something a bit more unique like reclaimed barnwood Infinity Wood Flooring has the styles you’re seeking.It’s a timeless look in flooring and one that’s been around since the first mill opened and sawed its first log. Next time you’re in the market for unfinished solid hardwood flooring, request Infinity Wood Floors. With eight species of northern hardwood flooring in a variety of face widths and grades, Infinity Wood Floors is sure to have the perfect floor to meet your needs and suit your style.

Hard Maple Flooring

Infinity’s Northern Hard Maple is distinguished from other maples by a denser grain and a rich consistent color. Hard Maple provides a clean, contemporary look.

- Available Grades -
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  • Hard Maple 1st Grade1st Grade
  • 2nd Grade & Better2nd & Better
  • Hard Maple 3rd Grade3rd Grade
  • Hard Maple Utility GradeUtility Grade

White Oak Flooring

With a beautifully consistent neutral color and grain, Northern White Oak is ideal for custom staining and is one of the most popular species for home and offices.

- Available Grades -
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  • White Oak Select & BetterSelect & Better
  • White Oak 1 COM1 COM
  • White Oak 2 COM2 COM
  • White Oak NaturalNatural
  • White Oak UtilityUtility

Red Oak Flooring

Northern Red Oak has the most consistent warm color and tightest grain of the species. This is one of the most popular species for home and office floors.

- Available Grades -
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  • Red Oak Select & BetterSelect & Better
  • Red Oak 1 COM1 COM
  • Red Oak 2 COM2 COM
  • Red Oak UtilityUtility